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Donation Fees

Being a nonprofit ourselves, we realize that every dollar taken away in fees is a dollar that won’t be helping your favorite organizations further their mission—which is why we don’t charge a platform fee to donate through our site. We want every dollar possible to increase the impact that great nonprofits can make.


We use partners to power our donations, who charge for their services. We pass those charges directly through to you and don’t profit in any way from these fees. Our site’s Giving Basket is powered by two partners: Stripe and JustGive.

Stripe processes our donations and charges the following fees:

  • 2.2% + $.30 for non-American Express transactions (added +1% for all international card payments)

  • 3.5% for all American Express transactions


JustGive powers check disbursement to nonprofits and charges 2.2% per transaction.

Comparisons with Competitors


GreatNonprofits provides tools to enable donors and volunteers to find, donate to, and share stories about great nonprofit organizations.

Razoo empowers organizations, showcases the generosity of communities, bolsters teamwork, gives individuals a voice, and provides a place to share what you support.

Fundly empowers people and organizations to support and nurture the causes and communities they care about.



Processing Fees

Does not charge a platform fee!

5% personal fundraising fee

4% charitable fundraising fee

4.9% platform fee

2.2% (3.5% for AMEX) + 30 cents per transaction (Stripe)

2.2% (JustGive)

2.9% + 30 cents processing fee

2.9% + 30 cents processing fee

Total Fees

4.4% + 30 cents total fee

6.9% + 30 cents total fee

7.8% + 30 cents total fee

Once you know that there is a fee, you may think that giving directly to a charity would be a way to avoid all the costs.


However, the nonprofits themselves incur fees when processing donor gifts. The difference is that we are explicit in explaining those costs.

For donors, GreatNonprofits:

  • is completely transparent about its fees;

  • its fees are tax-deductible; and

  • allows you to donate anonymously.

For nonprofits, GreatNonprofits:

  • has the ability to process donations to any nonprofit via Stripe; and

  • provides easy access to reports on those donors who choose not to give anonymously.

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